Monthly Prizes

Spot the Parrot

A cartoon caricature of Crackers the Parrot will occasionally be hiding in the local offers. If you spot him you must email and supply the title of the offer including the name of the business making the offer as well as their website or facebook address. You must also include the day and time you spotted Crackers, so we can verify with him that he was there.

He will not be there every day, and he may be in several adverts at once. The more often you spot him, the more chances you have of winning a prize, and you can claim your prize by emailing Graeme.

Don't forget to check the competition category to see if you are listed as a potential winner. Remember - the early parrot gets the cracker!

Prize: You could win two games of tenpin bowling for six people at Bowlplex in Dunfermline.

Members Draws

Regular draws will take place for prizes supplied by our sponsors. The frequency of these will be determined by the number of sponsored advertisers participating at any time.

There could be anything from one draw per month to one draw per week.

Everyone who has registered to receive updates or downloaded the mobile app will be eligible to win a prize.

When a draw is made there will be several potential winners listed on the competition category. It is up to you to check if your name is there and claim the prize. The first person to claim the prize by emailing Graeme will be awarded the prize.

December prizes for members draws are 2 x £25 restaurant vouchers for The Wood Mill in Dunfermline.