Affordable Local Advertising

According to surveys done for the Post Office, 92% of people read the leaflets posted through their doors and 88% of small businesses who do leaflet drops say they have boosted awareness of their product or service. 

Squealadeal Booklets

  • Custom-designed, printed and GPS tracked delivery (Watch your advert being delivered in real-time.)*
  • a digital copy of your advert for your own use
  • 3 months feature on

The front page of the booklets will promote the Squealadeal website, leading new customers to view your full feature promotion.

Booklet Quiz Prizes.

5 x £50 restaurant or leisure activity vouchers will be supplied by Squealadeal Ltd and allocated to each booklet campaign.

Potential winners will answer one question from each advertiser in the booklet. 

Advertisers will set their own questions which will require participants to visit their Facebook page or website, virtually guaranteeing increased traffic from the campaign.

Up to 6 adverts are available in each booklet.

A6 half-page adverts £250

A5 Full-page adverts £400


Individual Flyers/Menus

We will deliver a maximum of 2 individual flyers or menus on the same distribution run as our booklets.

You will be responsible for producing your flyers/menus and getting them to Squealadeal Ltd in good time for the delivery run. 

We can help with the design and print if you so require.

We will not deliver individual flyers which compete with booklet advertisers on a single run.

The cost of individual flyer/menu distribution is £50 per 1000


Distribution Areas.

Our distribution runs are planned around the requirements of existing clients but we can do additional work in other areas depending on volume. We may be able to do smaller runs if required but they may not always be GPS tracked. 

Regular distribution areas include:

East Dunfermline 10,000 drops 

West Dunfermline 10,000 drops (inc Crossford & Cairneyhill)

Kirkcaldy 10,000 drops  (we will be doing 2 runs in Kirkcaldy. the specific areas in each has yet to be decided)

Glenrothes 10,000 drops

Kinross/Milnathort approx 7000 drops (reduced price to be decided)

Cowdenbeath, Kelty Lochgelly 10,000 drops


For more information on specific areas, or to book a distribution call Graeme on 07979960427 or email