A Squealadeal Perkbox membership gives you access to savings with global brands including many local outlets.

  • Up to 25% off local and national gym memberships with MYGYM Discounts
  • 9% at Hobbycraft
  • 6% at Curry's and Argos
  • 5% at B&Q and Ikea
  • 7% at Just Eat
  • 7.25% at M&S
  • 5% at Sainsbury's, Morrisons, and Waitrose
  • 4% at Asda, Tesco and Iceland
  • Many more great discounts are available including a few monthly freebies
  • Access to digital fitness and wellbeing platforms

A 3-month membership costs only £25.00

A typical example of savings:

If you are planning on buying a new laptop or washing machine for £500. You would get a £500 voucher for £470 and be £5.00 up before you even started saving on everything else. 

Simply purchase vouchers as you need them. A digital copy will be delivered to your device and you just scan the barcode in the shop.

It really is a no-brainer!

Make sure you sign up before Christmas or take advantage of the full 3-months savings when you have birthdays or anniversaries to take care of.


You will soon be able to purchase a Squealadeal Perkbox membership from our shop on the website. Meanwhile, you can contact us using this form and we will get you set up promptly.



* Squealadeal is a Perkbox partner. All Perkbox deals are subject to their terms and conditions. The listed discounts were current when this page was created and may vary from time to time.