Terms & Conditions


Relatives and employees of squealadeal.co.uk may not participate in any competitions.

To win a prize:
1st stage: Register for updates or download the app. (available in January 2014)
2nd stage: 6 email addresses of subscribed visitors will be posted on the competition page at random times.
3rd stage: The first of these to claim the prize will win it.

All prize winners must be over the age of 18. A contact telephone number must be provided so we can verify this to be fact.

Be sure to check the competition page regularly to see if you have been selected as a potential winner.


"Offers", are offers made by clients of Squealadeal Ltd to consumers who visit www.squealadeal.co.uk.

There is no contract or intention to create legal relations between Squealadeal Ltd and consumers.

Clients will be fully responsible for the content and accuracy of their promotions. They will be able to view and approve their promotion before it is published.

Clients must take responsibility for keeping information current. Any discrepancies will be between client and consumer.